Wireless neckband allows first voiceless phone call

By: New Scientist

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Uploaded on 03/12/2008

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A neckband that intercepts nerve signals allows you to talk on the phone without emitting a sound

Footage courtesy Texas Instruments, recorded at the TI Developer Conference 2008, Dallas

More info - http://www.theaudeo.com

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By pwaai    2018-01-13

What if you could detect the vocalization somehow instead of relying on a very noisy data source (brain signals), which I see becoming a roadblock...subvocalization would be like being able to chat without typing...you would still be interacting with a UI that will make sure you dont give out your bank card number etc.

Maybe even hold up your phone and it will beam some sort of ultrasound or laser to detect tiny movements in the larynx (I have no idea what I'm talking about) but seems like there's patent in the works by physically attaching sensors...



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