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Uploaded on 04/29/2016

Despite its popularity, the classic pinch-to-zoom gesture used in modern multi-touch interfaces has drawbacks: specifically, the need to support an extended range of scales and the need to keep content within the view window on the display can result in the need to clutch and pan. In two formative studies of unimanual and bimanual pinch-to-zoom, we found patterns: zooming actions follows a predictable ballistic velocity curve, and users tend to pan the point-of-interest towards the center of the screen. We apply these results to design an enhanced zooming technique called Pinch-to-Zoom-Plus (PZP) that reduces clutching and panning operations compared to standard pinch-to-zoom behaviour.

Full details and description in this research paper:

Jeff Avery, Mark Choi, Daniel Vogel, and Edward Lank. 2014. Pinch-to-zoom-plus: an enhanced pinch-to-zoom that reduces clutching and panning. In Proceedings of the 27th annual ACM symposium on User interface software and technology (UIST '14). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 595-604. DOI=

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By kragen    2018-05-21

Thanks! I hadn't even thought about it from the programmer's-model point of view! I was just thinking about what kinds of user-interface idioms would turn out to be usable — although in the end maybe the user model needs to be the programmer model, especially to support end-user programming.

I haven't tried Unity yet, although it sure looks like fun. So far I feel like 3-D user interfaces have been kind of a mess in terms of usability. Maybe you guys at Pantomime will come up with a solution.

I'd tried Hammer a few years back, and gave up and rolled my own gesture tracking because of kind of similar issues.

In terms of pinch-to-zoom as establishing constraints — have you seen Daniel Vogel's Pinch-to-Zoom Plus? He argues that there's actually a somewhat more usable mode of pinch-zooming which breaks the constraints, but not in the chintzy way you're correctly criticizing.

I'll try to respond in more detail after reading through and watching what you've linked!

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