Using Cocoapods to install the Swift JTAppleCalendar Library

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Uploaded on 03/28/2017

This video illustrates how to install JTAppleCalendar for your Swift iOS project using Cocoapods. With this library, framework, view, makes building Calendars is easy.

JTAppleCalendar can be found on Cocoapods here -
Githublink -

Update: Version 7.0 has now been released. Therefore please update your Podfile code. I have placed the instructions in the comments.

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By anonymous    2017-09-20

Many people like to downvote questions such as this not knowing that Apple has NO calendar control, and many developers are lost in how to build one.

Anyway, you sound like someone I met on github a while ago (not sure youre the same person). A good cocoapod that is well documented is this one. It was developed by myself. If you need help setting up things, i can provide that. Full video-tutorials to get you started located here.

If however, you want to know how it was built inside out so that you can build one yourself, then you can check out this link. It shows you in detail how it was built using a UICollectionView. Since you said you are new to programming, the first option is easier in my honest opinion for now.

But you're a coder, and at some point you should learn. So i suggest learning swift/objective-c until you become comfortable with it. Start out with simple projects like creating a table view etc. Learn how delegation works etc.

Once you are better at views, delegation, etc, then you will be more comfortable to create you own calendar control.

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By anonymous    2017-09-23

Does not support RTL. Try using [This one]( Full tutorials found [Here](

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By anonymous    2017-10-01

I see you have asked a similar question here -> [question]( . It looks like you are still looking for a calendar library which can disable dates. Why don't you try the one i created here? -> [JTAppleCalendar]( I can show you how to set it up. I also have many video tutorials --> [Here]( Simply skip the videos you dont need. Any questions just ask.

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