Best way to manage your global constants file (Explained)

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Uploaded on 02/25/2017

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I have chosen to create this video because a lot of developers hard code values or just create a single Global Constants file which is very hard to debug and vulnerable for typo error and prone to change..

So for fast app development and to make app production easy its better to use this pattern to create all the constants that will be used in your app.

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By anonymous    2017-09-20

I am abit late to the party.

No matter here's how i manage the constants file so that it makes more sense to developers while writing code in swift.



  struct APPURL {

    private struct Domains {
        static let Dev = ""
        static let UAT = ""
        static let Local = ""
        static let QA = ""

    private  struct Routes {
        static let Api = "/api/mobile"

    private  static let Domain = Domains.Dev
    private  static let Route = Routes.Api
    private  static let BaseURL = Domain + Route

    static var FacebookLogin: String {
        return BaseURL  + "/auth/facebook"


struct FontNames {

    static let LatoName = "Lato"
    struct Lato {
        static let LatoBold = "Lato-Bold"
        static let LatoMedium = "Lato-Medium"
        static let LatoRegular = "Lato-Regular"
        static let LatoExtraBold = "Lato-ExtraBold"


    struct Key {

        static let DeviceType = "iOS"
        struct Beacon{
            static let ONEXUUID = "xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx"

        struct UserDefaults {
            static let k_App_Running_FirstTime = "userRunningAppFirstTime"

        struct Headers {
            static let Authorization = "Authorization"
            static let ContentType = "Content-Type"
        struct Google{
            static let placesKey = "some key here"//for photos
            static let serverKey = "some key here"

        struct ErrorMessage{
            static let listNotFound = "ERROR_LIST_NOT_FOUND"
            static let validationError = "ERROR_VALIDATION"


struct AppColor {

    private struct Alphas {
        static let Opaque = CGFloat(1)
        static let SemiOpaque = CGFloat(0.8)
        static let SemiTransparent = CGFloat(0.5)
        static let Transparent = CGFloat(0.3)

    static let appPrimaryColor =  UIColor.white.withAlphaComponent(Alphas.SemiOpaque)
    static let appSecondaryColor =

    struct TextColors {
        static let Error = AppColor.appSecondaryColor
        static let Success = UIColor(red: 0.1303, green: 0.9915, blue: 0.0233, alpha: Alphas.Opaque) 

    struct TabBarColors{
        static let Selected = UIColor.white
        static let NotSelected =

    struct OverlayColor {
        static let SemiTransparentBlack =
        static let SemiOpaque =
        static let demoOverlay =

You can wrap these all files in a common group named Constants in your Xcode Project.

And for more watch this video

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