SpaceX Merlin (& Raptor ) Engine R&D, GPU-Powered

By: Burn Hard Zen

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Uploaded on 03/29/2015

Adam Lichtl and Stephen Jones of SpaceX talk about simultating combustion in very large rocket engines. They use graphics processing units (GPUs) from nVidia for this task. While not directly mentioning Raptor, the limits they are pushing are clearly the result of the need to understand ever larger combustion systems, and they wouldn't be pushing as hard if this was only for the Merlin engine, which is already operational as well as reliable.

From: GPU Tech Conference, San Jose, California, March 17 - 20, 2015. Originally posted here:

(I have watched this presentation several times and found their posting to be unreliable and slow especially when skipping between parts, that's why I have re-posted it)

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By andrewwharton    2018-01-13

I came across a nice video/presentation from some guys at SpaceX on using GPUs to model and visualise the fluid flows inside rocket engines (specifically the Raptor engine) and around spacecraft during reentry, as well as a good explanation of how they do it efficiently using adaptive grids. Their explanations are quite approachable as well.

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