Sophie's Choice - Meryl Streep's Comment on making The Choice of Sophie : I CAN'T CHOOSE

By: Ashley Hung

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Uploaded on 10/25/2010

Today is my birthday, again. I feel so lucky to be alive!
And if I am given a birthday wish come true, I wish for the Cruelty in Mankind as shown in this video clip will NEVER happen to human race or any race again.
We Human Beings are such amazing species. We are capable of creating absolute beauties, as well as demonstrating unbelievable Cruelty and Prejudice.
Meryl Streep's comment on making the Choice of Sophie is as enlightening and prophetic as her performance of Sophie in Sophie's Choice. Who wouldn't get his heart torn from watching Sophie pleading with Herrn Cruelty - The Nazi Officer?
And just because of this second of unbeareable pain one might feel from watching Meryl's performance, one might always remember, that he will never repeat or allow such Cruelty like the German and the Japanese Troops inflicted onto the Human in the WWII, especially to the Jewish people in Europe and the Chinese in Naging.

As Diana Keaton has defined Streep in the AFI Life Achievement Award, "Giving Love is the true measure of a great artist." How precise was Diana.
-Meryl, you have demonstrated the ultimate pain that one can bear and from this shocking revelation of pain our hearts can only respond with compassion and indignation.
We will never again tolerate anybody and party who doesn't allow anybody else to have his own view, belief, habit, hobby and religion.

Meryl's Oscar winning performance also solidified one theory: the Perfoming Art Theory of Consantin Stanislavski is THE WAY to act, if one wants to reach the level of "Greateness" in Perfoming Art.

As in Sophie's Choice, Streep - a grade A Graduate on Stanislavski - demonstrated how an actor can "live" a piece of DRAMA so vividly that the drama becomes REALITY. And when the drama becomes a reality, the experience becomes real. As a result, the perfomance is life-like. Since I was also a grade A graduate of Master Stanislavski, I understand and am really impressed with what Meryl has managed to carry out there - she brought you LIVE to that Holocaust hell. No wonder her characterization on Sophie was voted the third greatest movie performance of all time by Premiere Magazine. Not to mention the Academy Award for Best Actress she got in 1983 because of the same performance.
-You are such a delicate yet sturdy water sign creature, Meryl.
The World is a better place with You in it.
Thank God that we have you!

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