Bose-Einstein condensation

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By pishpash    2017-12-05

It's not just that, right? You make it sound the same as hitting the diffraction limit in optics:,

but at the Raleigh criterion and under, the waveforms can still be quite different depending on the source distance, and furthermore you can definitely tell the difference of those waveforms from that of a single source.

What I've read about Bose-Einstein condensates seems to imply that in the condensate form, the probability waves not only become unresolvable but also synchronized in phase, AND the energy behavior of the aggregate is markedly different since they "all" (or at least according to Bose-Einstein statistics) occupy the same quantum state:

Is the transition from Maxwell-Boltzmann statistics to Bose-Einstein statistics a sharp transition or not? In other words, are condensates a descriptive marker or a suddenly different state?

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