This Video Will Make You Angry

By: CGP Grey

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Uploaded on 03/10/2015

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"What Makes Online Content Viral?" By Jonah A. Berger & Katherine L. Milkman

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Comments (9):

By stcredzero    2017-09-20

Extra Credit's episode about Sesame Credit:

So, where else is there a widespread system of social media scores used to enforce conformity? Right here! The only difference is that there is a greater diversity factions influencing this in the west. From what I've seen, we are all being very effectively conditioned to hate "the other."

Original Thread

By stcredzero    2017-09-20

Stronger social safety nets are the answer.

They would be, except for the fact that our modern media makes it a cottage industry to gain eyeballs/power/money by using viral outrage to degrade the social fabric and public discourse. Because of this, democracies will lack a voting populace cohesive and informed enough to handle such a society. As de Toqueville predicted over two centuries ago, democracy will end by everyone voting themselves pay raises until the economy is wrecked, then we'll start to blame and kill each other over it.

Original Thread

By stcredzero    2017-09-20

The trouble with these echo chambers is that they nullify efforts of the society to promote meaningful debate and discussion.

I saw this coming years ago. So did others:

Original Thread

By pixl97    2017-09-27

"Rage porn" is a whole lot easier to sell than happiness. CGP Grey covers it pretty well in this video

Original Thread

By MrRadar    2017-11-07

> When putting these media ecosystems to political purposes, various tools are useful. Humour is one. It spreads well; it also differentiates the in-group from the out-group; how you feel about the humour, especially if it is in questionable taste, binds you to one or the other. The best tool, though, is outrage. This is because it feeds on itself; the outrage of others with whom one feels fellowship encourages one’s own. This shared outrage reinforces the fellow feeling; a lack of appropriate outrage marks you out as not belonging. The reverse is also true. Going into the enemy camp and posting or tweeting things that cause them outrage—trolling, in other words—is a great way of getting attention.

This reminds me of this CGP Grey video:

Original Thread

By stcredzero    2018-05-17

Great TED talk on the original twitter kerfuffle referenced in the article:

CGP Grey's take on how outrage is used to exploit us through social media: (Yes, I link this often, because the message is valuable.)

Original Thread

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