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Uploaded on 09/14/2015

React Native enables developers to build world-class native mobile-apps using the popular React framework. Since its introduction in April, many developers have contributed to the open-source codebase, several startups have built and launched their apps, and Facebook launched the first Android app to use React Native.

Presented by Olivia Bishop

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By anonymous    2017-09-20

Google can't explain you this, as you said, but Google would be so happy if they invented React.

Here is the React project ( https://github.com/facebook/react ).

At Facebook, they invented React so JavaScript can manipulate website DOM faster using the virtual DOM model.

DOM full refresh is slower comparing to React virtual-dom model that refreshes only the parts of the page (read: partial refresh).

As you may understand from this video at Facebook they invented React not because they understood immediately the partial refresh will be faster than the conventional one. Originally they needed a way to reduce Facebook application re-build time and luckily this brought the partial DOM refresh to life.

The React native ( https://github.com/facebook/react-native ) is just a consequence of React. It is a platform to build native apps using JavaScript.

Prior to React native you needed to know Java for Android or Objective-C for iPhone and iPad to create native apps.

With React Native it is possible to mimic the behavior of the native app in JavaScript and at the end, you will get platform specific code as the output. You may even mix the native code with the JavaScript if you need to optimize your application further.

As Olivia Bishop said in the video, 85% of the React native code base can be shared among platforms. These would be the components applications typically use and the common logic.

15% of the code is platform specific. The platform-specific JavaScript is what gives the platform flavor ( and makes the difference in the experience ).

The cool thing is this platform specific code — is already written, so you just need to use it.

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