Glass engineering - designing and making photochromic glass

By: Applied Science

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Uploaded on 11/26/2017

How to make small batches of specialty glass with minimal equipment.

Good overview glass engineering book from 1920 (how to choose ingredients) :

"5mW" *nudge-wink* 405nm laser pointer:

Alumina melting dish on eBay:

Source of kiln paper, mold release, molds, glass fusing supplies:

Paragon Quickfire kiln:

Case of 12 insulating fire bricks:

Graphite mold:

Relevant patents for photochromic recipes:

Glass colors:

Applied Science on Patreon:

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By mycelium    2017-12-05

The awesome youtube channel Applied Science put out an excellent 40 minute intro video to melting your own glass a week or two ago, going into the equipment, chemistry and recipies: In particular, he talks about making your own photochromic glass that changes color in response to light.

I'd highly recommend his channel to anyone interested in science and fabrication.

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