What can Seattle learn from Dutch street design?

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Uploaded on 02/23/2013

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With more than 25% of all trips nationwide by bicycle, the Dutch must be doing something right. Innovative design, continuous networks and high quality facilities make cycling in the Netherlands safe, convenient and efficient.

Fred Young, a Landscape Architect based in Seattle, led us through a visual tour of Dutch cycling infrastructure, share insights of the transportation experts he met and show how cycling is a part of daily life in the Netherlands.

Fred's slide deck:

"How the Dutch got their Cycletracks" video shown prior to Fred's presentation:

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By raarts    2017-09-20

OP makes some good points but should go on vacation in the Netherlands. Way ahead in road safety. For example:


Or more extensively:


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By Vinnl    2018-08-10

For those interested in this, I can highly recommend "What Seattle can learn from Dutch street design" [1]. It's a presentation that gives an overview of all sorts of small infrastructural measures, similar to the Queens Boulervard redesign, taken in the Netherlands to prevent traffic deaths. What makes it especially interesting is that e.g. rather than reducing the speed limit, cars are nudged to slow down through using different material for the road, or by simply making the road less wide.

[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0GA901oGe4

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