Angular 4 for Java Developers by Yakov Fain

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Uploaded on 04/11/2017

Angular 2 is a complete re-write of the super popular Web framework AngularJS. According to Pluralsight survey, Angular leads the list of what developers want to learn in 2016. Angular 2 is a component-based framework that will have an effect in JavaScript community similar to what Spring framework did for Java. This presentation is an overview of this hot framework, which in combination with TypeScript, finally made Web development understandable for Java developers. At the end of the presentation you'll see a sample Web application written in Angular 2 on the front and Java on the server.

Yakov Fain is the coauthor of Angular 2 Development with TypeScript as well as a number of other technical books on programming. Yakov works as a software architect at the IT consultancy Farata Systems and develops software products for the insurance industry. A Java Champion, he has taught multiple classes and workshops on web and Java-related technologies, presented at international conferences, and published more than a thousand blog posts. Yakov lives in New York City.

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By anonymous    2017-09-20

Recently I made a presentation at DevoxxUS where I generated an Angular app and then deployed it under Spring Boot. You can watch it here:

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By anonymous    2017-09-20

I assume that powerPlants is a REST endpoint configured in your Node.JS server app. A simple way to log your messages on the Node server would be creating another endpoint, e.g. "/log":

let express = require("express");

const app = express(); ... app.get('/log/:msg', (req, res) => { console.log(req.params.msg); });
From the Angular side you need to make an HTTP request to this endpoint passing the message to log. Since your Angular app is not deployed on the Node server (ng serve uses dev server running on port 4200), you'll also need to configure a proxy on the client so Angular requests made to the port 4200 would be redirected to the Node server that runs on port 9000. If you're not familiar with configuting proxies on the client, watch 3 min of my presentation starting from here:

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