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By anonymous    2017-09-20

Instead of writing a complicated regex that probably work not in all cases, you better use tools to analyze the url, like urllib:

from urllib.parse import urlparse, parse_qs

url = ''

def get_id(url):
    u_pars = urlparse(url)
    quer_v = parse_qs(u_pars.query).get('v')
    if quer_v:
        return quer_v[0]
    pth = u_pars.path.split('/')
    if pth:
        return pth[-1]

This function will return None if both attempts fail.

I tested it with the sample urls:

>>> get_id('')
>>> get_id('')
>>> get_id('')
>>> get_id('')
>>> get_id('')
>>> get_id('')
>>> get_id('')
>>> get_id('')
>>> get_id('')

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By anonymous    2017-09-20

I really advise on @LukasGraf's comment, however if you really must use regex you can check the following:


Here is a working example in regex101:

And here the python example:

In [38]: r = re.compile('(?:(?:https?\:\/\/)?(?:www\.)?(?:youtube|youtu)(?:(?:\.com|\.be)\/)(?:embed\/)?(?:watch\?)?(?:feature=player_embedded)?&?(?:v=)?([0-z]{11}|[0-z]{4}(?:\-|\_)[0-z]{4}|.(?:\-|\_)[0-z]{9}))')
In [39]: r.match('').groups()
Out[39]: ('iwGFalTRHDA',)
In [40]: r.match('').groups()
Out[40]: ('iwGFalTRHDA',)
In [41]: r.match('').groups()
Out[41]: ('iwGFalTRHDA',)

In order to not catch specific group in regex you should this: (?:...)

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By anonymous    2017-09-20

Here's the approach I'd use, no regex needed at all.

(This is pretty much equivalent to @Willem Van Onsem's solution, plus an easy to run / update unit test).

from urlparse import parse_qs
from urlparse import urlparse
import re
import unittest

    ('iwGFalTRHDA', ''),
    ('iwGFalTRHDA', ''),
    ('iwGFalTRHDA', ''),
    ('n17B_uFF4cA', ''),
    ('iwGFalTRHDA', ''),
    ('n17B_uFF4cA', ''),
    ('r5nB9u4jjy4', ''),
    ('t-ZRX8984sc', ''),
    ('t-ZRX8984sc', ''),
    (None, '')


def extract_id(url_string):
    # Make sure all URLs start with a valid scheme
    if not url_string.lower().startswith('http'):
        url_string = 'http://%s' % url_string

    url = urlparse(url_string)

    # Check host against whitelist of domains
    if url.hostname.replace('www.', '') not in YOUTUBE_DOMAINS:
        return None

    # Video ID is usually to be found in 'v' query string
    qs = parse_qs(url.query)
    if 'v' in qs:
        return qs['v'][0]

    # Otherwise fall back to path component
    return url.path.lstrip('/')

class TestExtractID(unittest.TestCase):

    def test_extract_id(self):
        for expected_id, url in TEST_URLS:
            result = extract_id(url)
                expected_id, result, 'Failed to extract ID from '
                'URL %r (got %r, expected %r)' % (url, result, expected_id))

if __name__ == '__main__':

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By anonymous    2018-01-22

Here is an idea with a vbscript using a Regex to extract the "Videocode"

Data = "" & vbCrlf &_
"" & vbCrlf &_
"" & vbCrlf &_
"" & vbCrlf &_
"" & vbCrlf &_
"" & vbCrlf &_
"" & vbCrlf &_
Data_Extracted = Extract(Data,"http(?:s?):\/\/(?:www\.)?youtu(?:be\.com\/watch\?v=|\.be\/)([\w\-\_]*)(&(amp;)?‌​[\w\?‌​=]*)?")
WScript.echo Data_Extracted
Function Extract(Data,Pattern)
   Dim oRE,oMatches,Match,Line
   set oRE = New RegExp
   oRE.IgnoreCase = True
   oRE.Global = True
   oRE.Pattern = Pattern
   set oMatches = oRE.Execute(Data)
   If not isEmpty(oMatches) then
       For Each Match in oMatches  
           Line = Line & Match.SubMatches(0) & vbcrlf
       Extract = Line
   End if
End Function

EDIT : Using an hybrid code batch with a vbscript

@echo off
Title Extract Videocode from Youtube links
Set "Tmpvbs=%temp%\Tmpvbs.vbs"
Set "InputFile=URL.txt"
Set "OutPutFile=OutPutCode.txt"
Call :Extract "%InputFile%" "%OutPutFile%"
Start "" "%OutPutFile%" & exit
:Extract <InputData> <OutPutData>
echo Data = WScript.StdIn.ReadAll
echo Data = Extract(Data,"http(?:s?):\/\/(?:www\.)?youtu(?:be\.com\/watch\?v=|\.be\/^)([\w\-\_]*)(&(amp;)?‌​[\w\?‌​=]*)?"^)
echo WScript.StdOut.WriteLine Data
echo '************************************************
echo Function Extract(Data,Pattern^)
echo    Dim oRE,oMatches,Match,Line
echo    set oRE = New RegExp
echo    oRE.IgnoreCase = True
echo    oRE.Global = True
echo    oRE.Pattern = Pattern
echo    set oMatches = oRE.Execute(Data^)
echo    If not isEmpty(oMatches^) then
echo        For Each Match in oMatches  
echo            Line = Line ^& Match.SubMatches(0^) ^& vbcrlf
echo        Next
echo        Extract = Line
echo    End if
echo End Function
echo '************************************************
cscript /nologo "%Tmpvbs%" < "%~1" > "%~2"
If Exist "%Tmpvbs%" Del "%Tmpvbs%"
exit /b

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