Node.js Is Bad Ass Rock Star Tech

By: gar1t

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Uploaded on 01/23/2012

A Q&A session on web servers turns existential.

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By pdkl95    2017-09-20

"If you're willing to suffer complex code for performance, why not just write an nginx module in C?"

"node.js is is the most bad-ass rock star tech to come out since Ruby On Rails"


"What was that last part again? I could have sworn you just said Lisp"

(Yes, performance and scalability are complicated. Different solutions will be appropriate for different situations.)

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By kllrnohj    2017-09-20

More seriously Node.js has some pretty major performance problems, like the fact that it's single threaded. You'll make excellent use of one core, but that's about it. It looks great on I/O bound request/second benchmarks, but as soon as your code needs to do meaningful work it doesn't scale anymore. The solution to that is to spawn multiple node instances to make use of the actual machine resources, but now you're on your own and why did you bother with node.js then in the first place?

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By pdkl95    2018-08-10

> ... you don't have to think about 'long running things need to be futured/awaited', you just do things in a straightforward way in the thread

Six years later, very little has change in the arguments about events vs threads.

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