Episode 1 - Mongo DB Is Web Scale

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Uploaded on 08/27/2010

Q&A discussion discussing the merits of No SQL and relational databases.

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By bbcbasic    2017-09-20

Obligatory "Mongo DB Is Web Scale" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2F-DItXtZs

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By mhink    2017-09-20

Did you read the article past the benchmark numbers? That's more-or-less exactly the point the author made by the end. To wit:

> The majority of web applications handle far less than 1000 requests per second. I’d go as far as to say that most web application developers are employed by a company whose entire webapp does far less than 1000 requests/second. Most of them do less than 1000 requests/minute.

> When your application is big enough to be doing 20,000 RPM, you will have anywhere from a half-dozen to even fifty engineers, depending on your application’s domain. A single software engineer costs a company at least $10,000/month in employee benefits and salary. So we’re choosing our frameworks based on saving one-third of an engineer per month? And if that framework caused your development cycles to slow down by even one third of a mythical man-month, you’ve increased your costs, not decreased them. Choosing a web framework based on server costs is clearly a sucker’s game.

> What does web-scale even mean? It's an old-ish meme, from this video making fun of MongoDB. [1]

1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2F-DItXtZs

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By SkyMarshal    2017-09-20

From what I've observed, the "crowd" is easily seduced by performance above all other concerns - correctness, security, science, etc. NoSQL was invented and gained popularity b/c it originally was easier to scale via sharding, and that was seductive enough [1] to give it industry momentum. While performance is a feature, it seemed many folks originally advocating NoSQL did not understand or appreciate the mathematical foundations of the relational model. A decade of experience seems to be driving zeitgeist back to scientific fundamentals.


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By gamad    2017-09-23

I like MongoDB! It's web-scale:


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By mi100hael    2017-10-21

> "Most applications today run on a database technology that was introduced in the 1970s," Ittycheria said. "In the '70s, I was using a rotary phone to have a phone conversation. So people are looking for a modern, scalable and flexible platform."

It's like a weird version of the Turing test where you have to decide whether someone's speaking seriously or in jest when they talk about NoSQL.


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By eltoozero    2017-10-21

Obligatory: MongoDB is web scale.[0]

[0]: https://youtu.be/b2F-DItXtZs

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By anonymous    2018-01-29


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