REACT JS TUTORIAL #7 - React Router Params & Queries


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Uploaded on 02/10/2016

React Router has great and simple features for accessing route params and query params. Let's get into them.


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React JS #7: React Router Params & Queries

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By anonymous    2017-09-20

I had the same problem to show an user detail from my application.

You can do this:

<Link to={'/ideas/'+this.props.testvalue }>Create Idea</Link>


<Link to="ideas/hello">Create Idea</Link>


<Route name="ideas/:value" handler={CreateIdeaView} />

to get this via this.props.params.value at your CreateIdeaView class.

You can see this video that helped me a lot:

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By anonymous    2018-02-12

Here's what I have done so far,

This is the Route that I have defined for a page

<Route path='emails/user/view/:id' component={AccountEmails} />

And here's where the Component is being rendered

const AccountEmails = ({params: {id}}) => <ReceiptsListBox url={"/api/accounts/"+id+"/receipts.json"}></ReceiptsListBox>

Now, within the render() method of the component, I tried to console.log(this.props.location.query) unfortunately this.props.location is undefined.

Here's the YouTube video that I have referred to.

react-router version 2.8.1 and react version 15.3.2

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