Eclipse Oxygen IDE Improvements: General, Java and Git

By: Holger Voormann

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Uploaded on 06/26/2017

Eclipse Oxygen Webinars:
Eclipse Java IDE tips:

0:11 General IDE:
0:20 Launch Group
1:27 Quick Switch Editor: Ctrl+E to cycle through the list
1:47 Quick Access: Search with subwords and Search in Help
2:10 Switch Workspace: Copy Preferences
2:18 Eclipse User Storage
2:46 Non-modal Install dialog
3:01 Always run in background
3:07 Show/hide Status Bar
3:21 Window title configuration
3:37 Verbs instead of OK/No/Yes
3:46 Generic Text Editor

4:04 Java:
4:12 Java code coverage analysis (see also
4:46 JUnit: Show stack trace in Console
4:54 Braces positioning and text escaping
5:30 Skip button in Organize Imports dialog
5:48 Java Formatter: New possibility of calculating comment width
6:20 Warnings for unlikely argument types
6:57 Variables view shows last method result
7:11 Trigger for breakpoints
7:42 Breakpoints view: Sort by Creation Time
7:52 New Java index

8:22 Git:
8:25 Drop Git URL to clone Git repository
8:48 Importing multiple projects from working tree
9:12 Double-click on staging view folder to expand it
9:22 Branch name normalizer
9:31 Git Staging: Commit and Push (Alt+M) and Commit (Alt+C)

Video: Holger Voormann ( - License: CC BY (

Music: "Ghost of Love" by M. Trovatello & B. Wilberg & ( - License: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 (

Comments (11):

By anonymous    2017-09-20

A set of plug-ins can be installed via Eclipse Marketplace favorites at once and with the p2 director you can build your own Eclipse distribution. But if you also want to configure the Eclipse IDE and run tasks on start-up (e. g. clone a Git repository and import projects from the cloned Git repository), then probably Eclipse Oomph is the right tool for you. Beside Eclipse Oomph, there are couple of other tools to create/maintain a custom Eclipse distribution.

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By anonymous    2017-09-20

If you use Eclipse (e. g. the Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers which can be downloaded here as ZIP) you could just drop a Git URL (e. g. the URL of the GitHub project) on your Eclipse IDE to clone a Git repository (see video). Choose File > Open Projects from File System... to open an already downloaded project.

In most cases Eclipse will do the rest (e. g. configure your project, compile Java source code, etc.), even if the project was not created with Eclipse (e. g. like in your example of a project that has been created with IntelliJ IDEA, but has a Maven pom.xml file).

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By anonymous    2017-10-30

I haven't had such problems with any update yet. But to be sure (especially if you use third-party plug-ins), make a backup or test the new version with a new workspace (and import the projects from the existing workspace). [Here (Oxygen.0)]( and [here (Oxygen.1a)]( you can see what improvements you would miss.

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By anonymous    2017-10-30

If an update is an option for you: Eclipse Oxygen has built-in code coverage:

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By anonymous    2017-11-06

The import wizards Existing Projects into Workspace and File System work only for Eclipse projects. Laravel is not shared as an Eclipse project (e. g. the .project file is missing).

Instead of downloading it and to have the history, all you have to do is (requires at least Eclipse Oxygen):

  1. Drag the Laravel GitHub website URL onto your Eclipse IDE to clone the Git repository (like shown in this video)
  2. In the Git Repository view right-click the Working Tree node and choose Import Projects... to import it as a new project

For already downloaded projects:

  1. With the Windows Explorer (outside of Eclipse) move or copy it to the location where you want to edit it (e. g. into your Eclipse workspace)
  2. In Eclipse open the project directory via File > Open Projects from File System...

Note, use the latest version of Eclipse for better detection of non-Eclipse projects.

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By anonymous    2017-11-06

This is still the same with the latest Eclipse version:

In File > Import/Export...: General > Preferences check the checkbox Keys Preferences and click Finish

Keys preferences are stored in the workspace. Since Eclipse Oxygen you can also copy preferences to a new or to another workspace (see this video).

Via Eclipse Oomph you can synchronize preferences of different workspaces and since Eclipse Neon you can also store and synchronize them at (see this video).

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By anonymous    2017-11-20

Since Eclipse Oxygen (4.7.0) you can use a run configuration of the type Launch Group for that.

This short video shows how to use a Launch Group.

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By anonymous    2018-05-01

Since Eclipse Oxygen (4.7.0) you can use a [Launch Group]( ([video]( for that. Alternatively, it should also be possible to execute two commands one after the other in an external builder. But this depends on the operating system used.

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By anonymous    2018-08-01

These are Triggers for breakpoints.

For details:

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