Visual Studio 2017  Linux development with C++

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Uploaded on 11/18/2016

Get an overview of the new Linux C++ development workload in Visual Studio 2017.

Download VS 2017 and try the new Linux development with C++ workload, everything you need to know is here:

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By anonymous    2017-09-20

I used and loved DDD debugger (a GUI on top of the standard gdb) which felt very native and easy-to-learn coming from many years of MS VisualStudio environment.

You can do all those "standard" debugging tasks like drilling down into data structures with a mouse, setting breakpoints, inspecting variables, etc.

It is called Data Display Debugger and you can find more info on it at the GNU website which also includes screenshots so you can quickly judge if this tool is right for you:

2017 edit:
The new MS Visual Studio 2017 (all editions, including the free one) now has a built-in Linux support which includes debugging Linux programs remotely with the MS VC's built-in debugger. That even includes the edit-and-continue support(!)

Here's a video that demonstrates this

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By anonymous    2017-09-20

According to Microsoft there's no more Visual Studio 2010 for download from their (official) site.

Personally I really recommend you go straight to 2017 Community Edition - it has everything the 2010 Professional has and more.

The "more" includes built-in support for GitHub, "almost" full support for C++11 and some support for C++14, Windows 10 SDK, parallel builds, built-in support for Linux remote build/debugging... The list goes on and on.

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