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By: Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development

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Uploaded on 09/29/2015

Trust-Based Parenting offers a wealth of knowledge about trauma-based behavioral issues. Watch as Drs. Purvis and Cross coach families and caregivers through real-life, problem solving scenarios, and demonstrate proven, practical skills and strategies for applying TBRI® Empowering, Connecting, and Correcting Principles to everyday life. Parents from around the world praise TBRI® for giving them hope in times of crisis and lifelong solutions that can benefit the entire family.

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By baldfat    2017-12-06

Why do we rationalize with Children and punish teenagers? We must build trust with our children. Research has shown that this is the key, especially for children of abuse.

To me (Father of Five, two biological and three foster) this is 100% flipped upside down and isn't well researched nor universal.

My foster kids had horrible environment growing up and every kind of abuse. Their mother murdered 8 blocks from our house by a baseball bat to her head while the children were in my home. Children raised from abuse would actually be harmed by this.

Children need to learn 100% but not through non-developmentally appropriate techniques. Kids learn through play doing in a safe and purposeful manner. This is neither purposeful nor safe. They need to know that they must use gentle hands and bodies, be respectful to each other and pick up after themselves.

If it doesn't work for abused or special needs children it isn't universal. This is what good research looks like for parenting.

1) We have children ask and not tell what they want

2) Parenting is hard and demanding and we invest in it

3) Kids will look at you when you are speaking with them (FOr building up relationship)

4) Redirect bad behavior by having the child redo in the correct behavior. Not yelling or demanding. Scripting

5) Socialize interaction with competent adult and ability to play properly with other children.

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