Andrzej Jesmanowicz Ash Dive June 25 2016

By: bobg7878

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Uploaded on 06/26/2016

This ash dive is to commemorate the passing of one of the most quintessential skydiving videographer I have ever known. Thank you Terry Rago for organizing this dive, and for Greg Shields for the awesome video. And a big thank you for all of the skydivers and friends of Andre who made it out to Skydive Midwest for the memorial.

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By indyz    2018-08-10

I had the great fortune of knowing Andrzej Jesmanowicz, one of the participants in this story. He did MRI research at the Medical College of Wisconsin. He was also a helicopter pilot, skydiver (how I met him), and total maniac in the best possible way. Andre died in 2016 and some of his friends got together to spread his ashes over Wisconsin:

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