ngAir 124 - Flex-Layout with Thomas Burleson

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Uploaded on 08/04/2017

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By anonymous    2017-09-20

To add responsiveness in modern angular app you can use Flex-layout it is completely separate from material2 so you can use that even without using material2 in your app.

Bare in mind that as flex-layout is based on Flexbox CSS so it is not supported in old browsers.

Here is some examples

Also check out the new ngAir episode episode talking about Flex-Layout

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By anonymous    2017-09-20

There is no point to use bootstrap grid with angular material2 at all.

I don't know Flex that well so I was thinking on using Bootstrap's 4 Grid for sorting out the layouts.

I do not think you are quite right on that as in order to use flex-layout you do not have to be a flexbox css expert at all.

Flex-layout is just an abstraction API on top of flexbox css it is very simple to master. Just have a look in to live samples and also checkout this ngair episode to get some interesting insides on flex-layout from its creator Troy Burleson

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