The Common Thread Within the Kennedy Anathema

By: eaglesview2003

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Uploaded on 11/24/2007

An incredible new finding about four Kennedy tragedies is revealed for the first time. There is a common timing factor inherent to all four Kennedy murders; Joseph Patrick Jr, President John Fitzgerald, Senator Robert Fitzgerald and John Jr. Also this same timing determinant was applied to Ted Kennedy's 1964 airplane "accident." This provides very strong material evidence that these five incidents were the work of one group of conspirators. The video includes an excerpt of President Kennedy's "The President and the Press" speech. His message that he delivered then is still very important for all Americans to hear today.

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By jakeogh    2017-10-28

Criminals love their gang signals.

This is the work of a friend of mine, Bob Fischer:

When I saw it years ago, I had to verify it myself.

Note the odds calculation is wrong due to a rounding error. The correct odds are: 1/22 x 1/22 x 1/22 x 1/22 x 1/22 = 1 / 5,153,632


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By jakeogh    2017-12-05

His dad apparently made a few powerful enemies:

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