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By gorkemyurt    2017-09-20

Douglas Crockford might have some answers for you; It makes the developer favor inheritance over composition.

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By Yaggo    2017-09-20

It's possible to write javascript without `this`, a style preferred e.g. by Douglas Crockford, explained in the video below.

I've also started to write my code mostly without `this`, `class` or `new`, not looking back.

Another related, highly recommend reading:

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By anonymous    2017-09-20

This is Douglas Crockford original source as it appears in his slides:

function constructor(spec) {
  let {member} = spec,
      {other} = other_constructor(spec),
      method = function () {
        // member, other, method, spec
  return Object.freeze({

The following example is a more concrete version of Douglas Crockford's Object creation pattern 2014.

Douglas Crockford makes heavy use of ECMAScript 6 features like destructuring etc.!!

Start the code in node.js with following options (enable ES6):

node --harmony --harmony_destructuring demo.js


// Douglas Crockford 2014 Object Creation
(function() {
  'use strict';

  function adress(spec) {

    let {
      street, city
    } = spec,
    logAdress = function() {
      console.log('Adress:', street, city);
    return Object.freeze({

  function person(spec) {

    let {
    } = spec, {
    } = adress(spec),
      logPerson = function() {
        // member, other, method, spec
        console.log('Name: ', preName, name);
    return Object.freeze({

  let myPerson = person({
    preName: 'Mike',
    name: 'Douglas',
    street: 'Newstreet',
    city: 'London'


According to Douglas Crockford’s talk, he avoids the use of:

  • new
  • Object.create
  • this !!!

Watch the original Crockford video:

A good explanation for the Crockford Douglas Object Creation Pattern 2014 is this blog:

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