Object-oriented Programming in JavaScript: Made Super Simple

By: Programming with Mosh

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Uploaded on 03/30/2018

Object-oriented programming in JavaScript: learn all about objects, prototypes, prototypical inheritance, this and more.
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00:00: What is OOP?
01:46: Four Pillars of OOP
08:50: Setting Up the Development Environment 11:07: Objects
11:53: Object Literals
14:58: Factories
17:50: Constructors
23:27: Constructor Property
25:53: Functions are Objects
31:09: Value vs Reference Types
37:00: Adding or Removing Properties
40:54: Enumerating Properties
43:45: Abstraction
47:48: Private Properties and Methods
51:55: Getters and Setters
57:32: Exercise
59:42: Solution

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By anonymous    2018-05-14

estus answer is correct. note that you had 2 different problems there. Try this tutorial, it explains Javascript OOP very clearly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFmuCDHHpwk&t=3252s

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