[Linux.conf.au 2013] - grand distributed storage debate glusterfs and ceph going head head

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By anonymous    2017-09-20

I'm not sure your list is quite correct. It depends on what you mean by a file system.

If you mean a file system that is mountable in an operating system and usable by any application that reads and writes files using POSIX calls, then GridFS doesn't really qualify. It is just how MongoDB stores BSON-formatted objects. It is an Object system rather than a File system.

There is a project to make GridFS mountable, but it is a little weird because GridFS doesn't have concepts for things like hierarchical directories, although paths are allowed. Also, I'm not sure how distributed writes on gridfs-fuse would be.

GlusterFS and Ceph are comparable and are distributed, replicable mountable file systems. You can read a comparison between the two here (and followup update of comparison), although keep in mind that the benchmarks are done by someone who is a little biased. You can also watch this debate on the topic.

As for HekaFS, it is GlusterFS that is set up for cloud computing, adding encryption and multitenancy as well as an administrative UI.

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