World's Simplest Electric Train

By: AmazingScience 君

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Uploaded on 08/26/2014

This is birth video of world's simplest electric train. Thank you for watching from around the world.
(Run outside the coil) -
(Speed Battle) -

(How to make) -

This “Train” is made of magnets copper wire and a dry cell battery.
Please enjoy watching this simple structure electric train (electromagnetic train).

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World's Simplest Electric Train 【世界一簡単な構造の電車】

【Structure and How to make】 ※日本語での説明は欄の下

It's possible to get such power using a dry battery, neodymium magnets (super strong magnets which plated with metal) and a bare copper wire.
A point is that a magnet's diameter is bigger than a dry cell battery's diameter.
And an electric current flows to a coil through a neodymium magnets, and a coil will be an electromagnet only in an area between the magnet and the magnet.
The electromagnet and a neodymium magnet poles repel each other at one side.
The other side poles pull against each other.
They work same direction, and it become a big force.
The phenomenon also continues at a movement destination.

※Another important point is magnets direction
(e.g.) NS battery SN

Thank you for reading.

How about making this simplest electromagnetic train for science fair projects?

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By quickben    2017-12-06

No, what he is saying, is that moving magnetic field, induces current, and can mess up the cheap power supply and/or other components, which can then mess up the drives.

In a server, the power supply is on the other end of the chasis. In a laptop, it's a lot closer to the internals.

> I don't buy that either.


The forward model:

The reverse model:

The big ones: Note: the Three Gorges: 22 GW

For comparison, nuclear power: Largest U.S. nuclear plant: Palo Verde (Arizona) produces around 4 GW.

For home applications:

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