Pizza Party: A Command Line Program for Ordering Pizza

By: TheKitchenSinkII

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Uploaded on 02/26/2007

This is a program that orders pizza. Judging from its description on the website, and from the video, it only works with UNIX-like Operating Systems (though they appeared to be using an old version of Windows) and the pizza is only from Domino's. I haven't downloaded it, so I don't know. Anyways, this video shows the designers using the software to order a pizza, and how to do so. It's quite interesting.

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By anfractuosity    2017-09-20

That seems a rather big privacy issue on Domino's part.

I wonder if it also opens the doors to some kind of social engineering attack, with someone pretending to be Domino's asking for money over the phone.

As an aside I thought this is rather cool - Pizza Party a CLI for Domino's

(One day I'd like to be able to afford to cron job something like that ;)

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By letlambda    2017-12-05

Full featured command line tool:

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