GWT Eclipse Plugin V3 - Getting Started - Eclipse EE Neon - Mac

By: Brandon Donnelson

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Uploaded on 10/14/2016

Getting Started with the GWT Eclipse Plugin. This covers Eclipse install and GWT Eclipse Plugin Install.

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By anonymous    2017-09-20

The plugin you are trying to use is the old plugin.

Try this plugin :

Check the YouTube videos on how to set it up :

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By anonymous    2017-09-20

Don't use the plugin from Google but the new one from Brandon.

He has a bunch of YouTube videos that display how to set up this plugin:

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By anonymous    2017-09-23

You have to compile your GWT application and host in a webserver. Then navigate to this webserver with your browser. And finally press the DevModeOn bookmarklet to switch to superdevmode.

  1. Drag the bookmarklets (Dev mode on/off) to your bookmarks bar
  2. Compile your gwtsample project into a war
  3. Deploy the war into a webserver like tomcat or jetty
  4. Take your browser (Chrome highly recommended for GWT debugging) and navigate to your installation : for example http://localhost:8080/gwtsample
  5. Now you are just seeing your compiled version in the browser
  6. Next hit the "Dev mode on" bookmarklet.
  7. You will see a message in the browser that compilation is taking place
  8. Now you are in SuperDevMode
  9. Change something in your code
  10. Hit F5 in the browser. Now a recompile will happen and you will see your changes

You can always hit "Dev mode off" to switch off superdevmode. Now you will just see your original compiled application.

Extra : if you are using Eclipse I highly recommend using the branflake plugin :

He has some great videos of how to use it :

This way you don't even need to compile and host in some webserver as you can run with an embedded Jetty webserver.

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