Building a website with Django and React.js Video 1: Defining our project structure

By: Chris Hawkes

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Uploaded on 04/11/2015


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By anonymous    2017-09-20

I don't have experience with Django but the concepts from front-end to back-end and front-end framework to framework are the same.

  1. React will consume your Django REST API. Front-ends and back-ends aren't connected in anyway. React will make HTTP requests to your REST API in order to fetch and set data.
  2. React, with the help of Webpack (module bundler) & Babel (transpiler), will bundle and transpile your Javascript into single or multiple files that will be placed in the entry HTML page. Learn Webpack, Babel, Javascript and React and Redux (a state container). I believe you won't use Django templating but instead allow React to render the front-end.
  3. As this page is rendered, React will consume the API to fetch data so React can render it. Your understanding of HTTP requests, Javascript (ES6), Promises, Middleware and React is essential here.

Here are a few things I've found on the web that should help (based on a quick Google search):

Hope this steers you in the right direction! Good luck! Hopefully others who specialize in Django can add to my response.

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