Empire Files: How Palestine Became Colonized

By: TeleSUR English

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Uploaded on 09/28/2016

Previewing Abby Martin’s on-the-ground investigation in Palestine, The Empire Files looks at the long history of Zionist colonization, expansion and expulsion of Palestine’s indigenous inhabitants.

Giving critical historical context the occupation today, this timeline explores the creation of the state of Israel and how it came to cover so much land since. From the early settlements, to the Nakba, to it’s conquest of the West Bank, Abby Martin reveals the brutally honest root of what is behind the so-called “Israel-Palestine conflict.”

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By Shivetya    2018-05-04

youtube's leaves a lot to be desired once you venture outside of entertainment. besides this education issue the amount of government sponsored propaganda on the site is astounding. teleSUR maintains a channel with all sorts of suspect stories including showing the paradise the Venezuela supposedly is, https://youtu.be/BT5L4YU_Fl4

Now before people dismiss such out of hand there are far too many who believe what is presented here because like many they are guilty of believing stories that reinforce their beliefs.

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