Firebase SDK for Android: A tech deep dive - Google I/O 2016

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Uploaded on 05/19/2016

The best engineers know to seek confidence that the SDKs they put into their apps are fast, small, and reliable. In this session, we deep dive into Google SDKs for Android and take a look at how various parts of them are implemented. Warning! Once you watch, you'll be prepared to design and execute your own Android code-fu. Use this knowledge with extreme caution!

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Comments (2):

By anonymous    2017-09-20

The actual solution according to a Google I/O talk:

class YourApplication : Application() {

  override fun onCreate() {


class AppLifecycleTracker : Application.ActivityLifecycleCallbacks  {

  private var numStarted = 0

  override fun onActivityStarted(activity: Activity?) {
    if (numStarted == 0) {
      // app went to foreground

  override fun onActivityStopped(activity: Activity?) {
    if (numStarted == 0) {
      // app went to background


Yes. I know it's hard to believe this simple solution works since we have so many weird solutions here.

But there is hope.

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