Freeman's Mind: Episode 1

By: Accursed Farms

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Uploaded on 08/02/2013

Originally released on 12-3-2007

Follow the thoughts of Dr. Gordon Freeman, a 27 year old physicist and neurotic individual.

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By shawn    2018-08-10

Alex isn't wrong. But I don't think it's blockchain. It's decentralization in general.

For example, I want to release a tool that can mod old ROMs. I cannot legally sell this. This is a new idea, I'd like to make a living with it, but I can't. And why not? Because the concept of IP has turned us into servants.

Meanwhile you have youtube series like Freeman's Mind making a killing, and I'm preeeetty sure he didn't ask Valve for permission. Nintendo is possibly the most litigious game company in history, and will aggressively shut down anything remotely connected to any of their characters. The whole situation is completely fucked for artists, and decentralization can solve it.

Unfortunately it looks like I'm born a couple generations too early to benefit, but at least my kids might.

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