WebStorm 7 - Integration of Mocha test framework

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Uploaded on 11/11/2013

Mocha test framework integration in WebStorm
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By anonymous    2017-09-20

WebStorm now supports vue.js (starting from 2017.1 [blog])

So no additional steps required


This is the checklist of ways to improve WebStorm(PhpStorm, Idea, etc.) experience:

  1. Use Vue.js plugin.

UPDATE: Both plugins have own problems atm

You can install it via Settings(Preferences) => Plugins => Browse repositories => (search for) "vue"

choose one or both: "Vue.js" or "vue-for-idea". It's up to you.

  1. Set "Javascript Language Version" to ES6.

Open Settings(Preferences) => Language & Frameworks => JavaScript. Set Javascript Language Version to ECMAcript6


  1. Improve HTML-tag's attributes highlighting

Open Settings(Preferences) => Editor => Inspection => HTML => select Unknown HTML tag attributes => click Custom HTML tag attributes. Add your attributes.

For example, my list:


P.S. For more full list of custom tags check @Alex's answer below

P.P.S. Actually it's should work in more common way:

Open Settings(Preferences) => Languages & Frameworks => Javascript => Libraries => click Add (after this you should set path to the vue.js. You can dowmload it with npm or whatever)

(More info in this answer: https://stackoverflow.com/a/28903910/930170)

But I didn't get success with that.

  1. Enable Node.js Coding Assistance:

Open Settings(Preferences) => Languages & Frameworks => Node.js and NPM

If "Node.js core library is not enabled", click button Enabled

DEPRECATED (may be required if you don't use vue-plugins for IDE):

  1. Make *.vue files to be recognized as a html-flies.

Open Settings(Preferences) => Editor =>File Types find HTML in Recognized File Types, then add *.vue as a new Registered Patterns.

  1. Improve ES6 highlight.

In each vue file with tag:

    <script type="text/babel">
        // your code here...

(This is would help to recognise constructions like setTimeout(() => {console.log(1) }, 100))

  1. Improve styles highlight. (sass, scss, etc)

In each vue file with tag:

    <style lang="sass" rel="stylesheet/sass">
        // your style here...

For scss it's gonna be <style lang="scss" type="text/scss">

UPD: The steps below are not so trusted, they may helps, or may not, some of them I didn't check personally, or I didn't catch is any effect exist or not.

  1. Import TextMate Bundle functionality.


  1. Import TypeScript tables for vue.

Open Settings(Preferences) => Language & Frameworks => JavaScript => Libraries. Click Download, Switch to TypeScript community stubs. And download all tabs with vue word.

Example: https://youtu.be/4mKiGkokyx8?t=84 (from 1:24)

UPD2: For more info check the issue at github: https://github.com/vuejs/vue-syntax-highlight/issues/3


  1. Can I improve pug(jade) highlight?

    • No. Because Webstorm doesn't support template language injection... Issue has been up since 2013 with no official word.

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